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October 7, 2012
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You'd been distracted all day from first period on. Mr. Braginski had almost written you up for being so spacey.
And now it was lunch and your heart was hammering and you could hear it in your ears and your stomach fluttered, the sensation almost overwhelming enough to trip you on your way to Mr. Jones's room. You clutched a hand to your stomach upon entering the hallway, hesitating at the closet door. When he'd said to meet him "here" did he mean the closet or the classroom?
You got your answer when Mr. Jones stepped out to close the classroom door. He saw you and smiled, nodding his head toward the room in invitation. You smiled back shyly, entering with a shaky breath. "H-hi."
"You're late," he teased, walking over to his desk and writing something in Sharpie on a piece of binder paper. "This is becoming habit. Do you like keeping me waiting?"
Heart, shut up, you can't hear the teacher. "I'm sorry…I was finishing a chem test in Braginski's class."
"Ooh. Gotcha." He winked up at you as he finished writing whatever it was. "Did you double check your answers?"
"Of course."
"That's my A student." As he walked to the door with the paper, he showed it off to you.
Test in progress, it said. Do not interrupt. Under any circumstances. I take education seriously. Unlike Mr. Kirkland.
You laughed out loud at that while Mr. Jones taped the note on the wall outside. When he came back in again he locked the door, and damn it your heart would just not settle down.
You leaned on a desk, watching as Mr. Jones erased the board and wrote something on it for the next class. He was so prepared. It made you swoon on the inside. Just a little.
Perhaps the sentiment showed on the outside, too, because Mr. Jones looked at you over his shoulder, eyebrows high like you had said his name, and then he smiled, coming right toward you.
He was three inches away from you. It made you a bit dizzy.
"So," he said, placing his hands on the desk at either side of you and leaning closer, "You wanna talk things over first or just skip the chat and get to it?"
Ohhh gosh. "I-I dunno," you offered with a quiver in your voice, trying to get yourself to sounding as flirty and confident as he was being. "Tough choice; I really do love hearing you lecture."
"You do?" he asked, cheeks turning pink. He chewed his lower lip a little. Oh gosh. So sexy. "Why, exactly?"
"Because you know what the hell you're talking about," you answered honestly, trying not to let his closeness get to your nerves. "And I feel like I actually learn stuff. And…the way your lips move is hypnotizing."
That part seemed to shock him a little, but he adjusted, smiling with teeth.
"Sometimes it's hard to take notes because I'm just kinda mesmerized by your tongue and your lips and your teeth," you said in almost a whisper. The desk creaked as he leaned closer, trying to listen. Or was he just—oh, okay, he was kissing your jaw line. Your breath hitched. "A-and the sound of your voice…nnh…."
He chuckled breathily, letting his teeth skim your skin as he kissed down your neck. The corner of his wire frames was shockingly cool against your hot skin, and you could feel the goosebumps rising as you shivered. "I like when you interrupt me to ask questions," he whispered. "I know that sounds silly. But I like knowing I have your full attention."
You bit your lip, blushing hard as his breath tickled your neck, and tentatively placed a hand at the back of his head, combing your fingers through your teacher's hair. That thought made your eyes go wide. Holy sheets, this guy was your teacher.
It kind of got you hot, how forbidden it was. You squirmed on the desk, crossing one leg over the other, and in the process your knee brushed up against the front of his pants. You felt and heard him gasp, the two of you tensing up.
The hands on the desk beside you landed on your waist and Mr. Jones brought his face level with yours, lips parted and eyes wide and wanting. Those blue circles scanned your face, examined your eyes, your nose, and then your lips, lingering there. You could hear him breathing as his fingers tightened around your waist, pulling you just barely closer before his lips met yours for the second time that day, in a kiss that was soft and chaste and sweet.
That quickly changed when suddenly he climbed up on the desk as well, straddling your crossed legs, bent over you to kiss you deeply. It was very clear that he was the one in control, but as much as that turned you on, you wanted some say, too. Take notes, fine, but maybe it was time to ask a question.
Forcing yourself not to over-think it before you acted, you seized his tie, using it to pull yourself up into the kiss, giving yourself the power to fight back with your own tongue.
A surprised "Mmh!" spilled from his mouth into yours and his hand wrapped around yours, as though he was going to make you let go, but then he thought better of it, evidently enjoying the brief spell of rebellion. He encouraged it, placing a hand at your back to pull your body up against his.
Your lips and tongues worked hastily, teeth ticking together once in awhile as you sighed and moaned into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands spilled down your body to your thighs, gripping them and coaxing them apart. Dazed and lightheaded, you complied, and he slid back off the desk, wrapping your legs around his waist. Supporting you with his other hand at your backside, he lifted you off the desk, stumbling back toward the whiteboard and leaning against it as you continued to kiss him.
He broke the kiss, moving down to your chin and your neck. You heard his hand pat the wall and with a click the florescent lights went out. Your chest heaved as you tried to catch your breath, breasts trapped against his chest. He kissed your collar bone, touching his teeth to it like he was about to bite, but didn't.
You closed your eyes, whining softly at the feeling of his lips. Then he unzipped your sweatshirt, kissing down between your breasts and taking you completely by surprise. Blushing shyly, you jerked back, opening your eyes. He smiled and shook his head. "Bad girl. You do as teacher instructs."
You nodded, nearly going limp in his arms.
"What was that?" he coaxed.
"Yes, Mr. Jones."
"Now, let me kiss you," he said, pulling you closer again. You nodded and he resumed his position, face nuzzled between your breasts as his lips kissed you, sending shivers through your body. You squeezed your thighs around him, blushing to feel his reaction.
His breath shook and he spun around, this time with your back to the wall. He grabbed your thighs, pulling you hard against him and causing you to moan. Oh man, oh man…
Then he paused, stepping back a little and removing your legs from himself. You looked up at him with frantic eyes. What was he—
And while that distracted you and you weren't paying any attention to his hands, he made you gasp, slipping a hand up between your thighs and touching you through your panties. He smirked at your surprise, the color in his cheeks darkening. You ducked your head, a little ashamed that he could feel how wet you were already getting as his fingers stroked you softly.
Then those left you, Mr. Jones's hands placed on the white board to either side of you as he leaned over you, not touching you. You huffed in frustration, wrapping your hand around his wrist. "Wh-why'd you stop? Touch me!"
He leaned down with his lips to your ear. "Excuse me, are you instructing me?" he said, voice low. A halted breath escaped your lips and you grew hotter all over. "Don't you instruct me. I'm the teacher. I'm the instructor."
"But y-you can't just leave me hanging, you're supposed to—"
"Don't talk back," he warned. "I could write you up for that, ya know."
You whimpered, about to argue back, currently throbbing.
"And you say…?" he prompted, giving you a look over the top of his glasses.
"Yes, Mr. Jones."
He chuckled, kissing your lips and placing a hand at the back of your head so it didn't press against the whiteboard. His other hand stayed put, much to your frustration, and as he kissed you, you whined in want. You were tempted to take care of it yourself. Sensing your impatience, he broke the kiss, giving your nose a peck and showing you his other hand. A bit of whiteboard marker had rubbed off on his fingers. "Well I can't do it now, I'd stain your clothes."
"I don't care, though!" you moaned, forehead falling to his chest. "Just do it!"
He laughed again. "We don't really have much time, you know. You were late." He kissed down your neck, unzipping your sweatshirt more and tucking a hand up under your shirt. His fingers were so warm against your skin, it only made you want him to touch you more.
Panting, you grabbed him by the tie again, pulling him right toward you so he nearly had you pinned to the wall with his body. You sought your own satisfaction, crossing an ankle behind his and pulling his leg between yours, pressing yourself against his thigh.
"Hmhm," he chuckled against your neck, slipping his leg out from between yours and pushing you back by the hips. "Chapter one today, sweetheart. Chapter one."
"And if you do well," he said, kissing your chest, "which you are, then we can start chapter two—" This time he touched you again, but only for a second before withdrawing his hand. "Tomorrow."
You took a deep breath, draping your arms over his shoulders and letting him kiss your skin where he pleased. "You know I blow through chapters faster than the other students."
"Yes, but this is my curriculum and I'll teach it to you at my own pace."
"I'm tired of your pace," you said, grabbing his arms and quickly spinning you both around, pinning him to the wall this time. "I'm a fast learner, like I said."
The shock on his face was priceless, and it made you want to kiss him to death so you proceeded to. "Mmh!"
You grabbed him by the wrists, holding them against the whiteboard as you bit his neck.
"C-careful, I bruise easily!"
"Don't worry, it's below the collar," you purred, smirking at his sudden submission. "See? I know what I'm doing. Fast learner. Might even teach you a few things."
His eyes widened and he slid down the wall a couple inches. You thought you heard his teeth chatter before he shook his head, breaking his wrists from your grasp. And somehow, suddenly, your back was on the top of a desk, and Mr. Jones's teeth tugged at the skin on your neck. "For a student to teach her teacher is presumptuous and rude."
"We're not going to ruin this with a quoting session, are we?"
"Well I apologize for being old enough to appreciate the classics," he said sarcastically, holding you down by the shoulders and kissing your lips again.
"Mmnh, you're not that old, you're barely out of college."
"Little older than that, sweetie."
You tugged your fingers back through his hair, kissing him fiercely. He moaned, his body almost melting into yours as you felt him giving up control and just giving in.
He nearly jumped when the bell rang and you did likewise, quickly getting up off the desk and fixing your skirt. The lights came back on and Mr. Jones straightened his tie, tucking his shirt, which had come up a lot during your activities. "Oh god," he muttered, blushing.
He opened the door for you and you left, a wall of students watching you leave the classroom.
"Study up for ch-chapter two tomorrow," he called, voice cracking mid-sentence.
"Mmhm," you said, zipping up your sweatshirt and flipping the hood over your head to hide your red cheeks.
Second chapter to this: [link]

Read my lips, this is THE LAST CHAPTER.
No more after this.
Two-shot only.

Hope you enjoy :3

I caved :iconotlplz: I just couldn't's chapter 3. [link]
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That would be wonderful xD Id be like "Iggster GT FUCKN FO!"
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That would be wonderful xD Id be like "Iggster GT FUCKIN FO!"
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That would be wonderful xD Id be like "Iggster GT FUCKIN FO!
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That would be wonderful xD Id be like "Iggster GT FUCKIN FO!
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